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Trade Unions

TUAC provides an interface between labour unions and the OECD. TUAC's affiliates consist of over 56 national trade union centres in 30 OECD industrialised countries, which together represent some 70 million workers.

ICFTU is the world's largest trade union body, with 221 affiliates in 148 countries and a total membership of 156 million. 

PSI unites public sector workers in around 600 trade unions in about 145 countries, representing over 20 million members. 

Global Unions web site is jointly owned and managed by the key international trade union organisations, including TUAC, ICFTU and PSI. The site provides a one-stop-shop for information on trade union news and campaigns from around the world.  

World Trade Union Directory is a highly useful resource providing contact details for trade unions - wherever they are. 

Monitoring Multinationals  

PSIRU monitors multinationals in water, energy, waste management and healthcare.

Corporate Watch is a campaign group undertaking research on the structure of corporations. 

CEO Europe is a European-based research and campaign group which focuses on the economic and political power of corporations and their lobby group.  

OECD Anti-corruption Initiatives

The OECD is pursuing a number of anti-corruption initiatives targeted at both home - OECD countries - and non member states.

Research and Resources

PSIRU is a research unit specialising in privatisation. Its work centres around its database, through which it tracks privatisation and restructuring of public services across the world, with a key focus on water, energy, waste management and healthcare. PSIRU produces a range of policy reports and briefings. PSIRU has produced reports on corruption and whistle blowing.

The World Bank is undertaking research which seeks to establish - not how states impact on firms - but rather how firms exert influence over the state. Focusing on the transition economies, the research provides evidence of state capture, illustrating that large corporations are shaping the policy-making, regulatory and legal environments to their own advantage - and at the expense of the rest of the economy. 

Cornerhouse is a research NGO whose mission is to strengthen civil society. Cornerhouse publishes briefings on a range of subjects including Export Credit Agencies and Corruption.  

Transparency International (TI) is an anti-corruption NGO. TI's secretariat is based in Berlin and it has Chapters working in a large number of countries across the world.  The site provides a useful source of information on anti-corruption initiatives and conferences as well as news. 

ECA Watch, the International NGO Campaign on Export Credit Agencies, is campaigning to halt the 'race to the bottom'. It is turning the spotlight on Export Credit Agencies (ECAs), so as to achieve an increase in the environmental and social standards of projects that are under-written by tax payers support.   

Association for Accountancy and Business Affairs is an independent organisation devoted to broadening public choice. It publishes articles aimed at advancing alternative and critical analysis of public policy reform. Its section on auditors invites you to share information on the 'scams' of auditors.

Support for Whistle blowers

Australia: Whistleblowers Australia (WBA) encourages self-help and mutual help and campaigns on issues that affect the ability of people to speak out without fear of reprisal.

South Africa: The Open Democracy Advice Centre supports democracy in South Africa by promoting access to information and providing support to whistleblowers so as to build open and accountable public and private institutions.

UK: Freedom to Care was founded by whistle blowers and "promotes our ethical right as human beings sharing one small planet to accountable behaviour from large organisations - whether public or private".

UK: Public Concern at Work is the leading charity in the UK on public interest whistle blowing. It provides a range of support services including: providing free advice and assistance to individuals who are concerned about malpractice in the workplace; offering professional training and support to employers and organisations; and influencing public policy through research and campaigning.

USA: Government Accountability Project (GAP) is a USA organisation which set up in 1979 aims to protect the public interest and promote government and corporate accountability by advancing occupational free speech, defending whistle blowers and empowering citizen activists. GAP has produced a Whistleblowers Survival Guide. In addition to supporting whistleblowers and campaigning activities in the USA, GAP is also working internationally: e.g. it is working with the Organisation of American States (OAS), in the context of the Inter-American Convention Against Corruption to develop and implement whistleblower protection legislation in five Central American nations.


UNICORN is a Global Unions Anti-corruption Network. It is supported by the international trade union bodies: the TUAC (Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD); Public Services International (PSI); and the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU).

UNICORN is financed by the Foundation Open Society Institute