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Iraq - Companies

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Iraq - Resources

Title Publication Date Subject(s) Publisher
Pentagon 'hid' damning Halliburton audit  16 March 2005 Corruption and Bribery   The Guardian 
Fraud and corruption: Forget the UN. The US occupation regime helped itself to $ 8.8 bn of mostly Iraqi money in just 14 months  8 February 2005 Corruption and Bribery   The Guardian (London) - Final Edition 
Iraq food aid chief took oil allocations  5 February 2005 Bribery Allegations,
Corruption and Bribery,
Sydney Morning Herald 
Downfall of an elite diplomat  4 February 2005 Corruption and Bribery   The Daily Telegraph 
Senior UN official accused over Saddam deals  4 February 2005 Bribery Allegations,
Corruption and Bribery  
The Daily Telegraph 
Cheney oil firm faces UK inquiry  30 October 2004 Bribery Investigations,
Corruption and Bribery  
The Guardian 
Iraqis are still being forced to pay for crimes committed by Saddam  16 October 2004 Corruption and Bribery   The Guardian 
Iraq Contractor Accused of Offshore Shell Game  14 October 2004 Corruption and Bribery,
Public Procurement,
Whistle blowing  
US firm sacks two over bribe claims  24 January 2004 Bribery Allegations,
Corruption and Bribery  
The Times 
Profiting from Destruction    Corruption and Bribery,
Public Citizen, Global Exchange, Corpwatch 
Windfalls of War    Networks,
Trade Unions  
Center for Public Integrity 

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