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Germany - Companies

AEG Telefunken  Bayer  Berlinwasser (BWB)  Diwi  EADS Deutschland GmbH 
ED Zublin  Eurawasser  Hansestrom  Hochtief  Lahmeyer International 
Rethmann  RWE Siemens Trienekens AG  

Germany - Resources

Title Publication Date Subject(s) Publisher
TI Progress Report: Enforcement of the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreighn Public Officials  7 March 2005 Bribery Convictions,
Bribery Investigations,
Anti-corruption Instruments  
Transparency International 
The mistakes of laissez-faire revisited  7 February 2005 Networks,
Trade Unions  
The Guardian 
Fraport chiefs in bribe probe  13 January 2004 Bribery Allegations,
Corruption and Bribery  
Financial Times 
Utstein Anti-Corruption Resource Centre  21 October 2002 Corruption and Bribery    
Facing up to Corruption SURVEY RESULTS 2002 Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Singapore, UK, US  15 October 2002 Corruption and Bribery   Control Risks Group 
New Trade Union Website on Procurement and Collective Agreements: Ver.di (German)  15 May 2002 Corruption and Bribery,
Public Procurement  
Germany announces voluntary business code  26 February 2002 Corporate Accountability   Financial Times 
Companies pledge better 'corporate citizenship'  3 February 2002 Corporate Accountability   Financial Times 
Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions (OECD) Evaluation of Implementation by Germany  31 March 1999 Corruption and Bribery,
Anti-corruption Instruments  
Transparency International 
Gesetz zu dem Ubereinkommen vom 17. Dezember 1997 über die Bekämpfung der Bestechung ausländischer Amtsträger im internationalen Geschäftsverkehr (Gesetz zur Bekämpfung internationaler Bestechung - lntBestG)  10 September 1998 Corruption and Bribery,
Anti-corruption Instruments  
Act on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials In International Business Transactions dated 10 September 1998 (Unofficial translation)  10 September 1998 Corruption and Bribery,
Anti-corruption Instruments  

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