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Latin America - Companies

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Latin America - Resources

Title Publication Date Subject(s) Publisher
Information on International Water and parent companies  22 April 2002 Networks   Solidarity with Cochabamba water uprising International Water Holdings B.V. -- Fact File 
Relazione sulla gestione, Bilancio d’esercizio ACEA S.p.A., Bilancio consolidato Gruppo ACEA - 2001  25 March 2002 Corruption and Bribery   Acea Annual Report 2001, pp. 28-29, 226 
ACEA: IL CDA APPROVA IL BILANCIO 2001  25 March 2002 Corruption and Bribery   Acea Press Releases 
An Open Letter to Mr. Riley, CEO, Bechtel Enterprises - From Jim Schultz, The Democracy Center  1 February 2002 Networks   Defend the Global Commons, Vol. 1, N. 1, February 2002, p. 14 
Administracion del agua en America Latina y el Caribe en el umbral del siglo XXI  1 July 2001 Corruption and Bribery,
Serie Recursos Naturales e Infrestructura 27, Division de Recursos Naturales e Infraestructura, UN ECLAC 
Settlement of International Investment Disputes  14 May 2001 Networks   Expert Handout (Law, Globalization and Multinational Corporations Law E512 A, Spring 2001) 
Lessons from Argentina: The Buenos Aires Water Concession  26 April 2001 Corruption and Bribery,
Queen's University Research Series #2 
Affermazione di ACEA ed IMPREGILO in Sud America -Ad Acea ed Impregilo verrà assegnata una concessione idrica in Lima, Perù.  12 January 2000 Corruption and Bribery   Impregilo Press Releases 
Urugay y la gestion de sus recursos hidricos  1 January 2000 Corruption and Bribery,
SAMTAC (South American Technical Advisory Committee), Global Water Partnership 
PRIVATIZACIONES DE OSE EN MALDONADO - El prontuario de un interesado  23 October 1998 Corruption and Bribery,
IDB ALSO APPROVES $24.3 MILLION FOR SANITATION IN CARTAGENA  25 February 1998 Corruption and Bribery   IADB Press Releases 

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