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European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Corruption Information - Public Sources

This lists only contains sources with public web addresses
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Publication Date

A scandal of secrecy and profligacy The Skye bridge contract allowed private firms to fleece the taxpayer  28 December 2004   The Guardian 
EBRD helps improve concession law in Lithuania  30 July 2003   EBRD 
International Water United Utilities facility, Regional [EBRD - Project Summary Document]  24 July 2003   EBRD 
EBRD, Dalkia to boost energy efficiency in Poland  19 February 2003   EBRD 
EBRD and DEG help improve water services in Bucharest  19 December 2002   EBRD 
EBRD loan to improve sewage systems in Polish city  2 October 2002   EBRD press release 
EBRD joins in privatisation of largest Slovene bank  9 July 2002   EBRD 
EBRD signs ground-breaking deal with Siberian municipality [Surgut]  24 June 2002   EBRD 
Berlinwasser subsidiary WTE Wassertechnik gains turnkey contract in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine  13 June 2002   WTE Wassertechnik website 
Uni�n Fenosa Internacional S.A.  25 February 2002   MIGA website 
EBRD loan to improve sewers, waste-water treatment in Rybnik  30 November 2001   EBRD press release 
EBRD urges paying real prices for energy  20 November 2001   Financial Times 
EBRD brings cleaner, safer water to Lithuania - �14.7 Bank loan supports Phase Two of the Kaunas water and waste-water project  20 July 2001   EBRD Press Release 
EBRD financing to improve Krakow waste-water treatment and help reduce river pollution  28 December 2000   EBRD Press Release 
EBRD promotes improved water, waste-water services in Sofia  15 December 2000   EBRD 
EBRD renews commitment to Riga Water in Latvia  20 November 2000   EBRD Press Release 
EBRD project summary document: Tallinna Vesi Pre-Privatisation Financing, Estonia  26 July 2000   EBRD 
EBRD supports Suez-Lyonnaise des Eaux's investments in municipal services in central and eastern Europe  15 February 2000   EBRD 
EBRD�s first long-term zloty loan improves water services in the city of Bydgoszcz in Poland  12 January 2000   EBRD Press Release 
Kaliningrad to enjoy cleaner water with EBRD assistance  8 July 1999   EBRD Press Release 
EBRD support for Slovenian wastewater treatment facility brings clean water to Maribor citizens  15 April 1999   EBRD 
St Petersburg improves water supply and waste-water services with EBRD financing  17 July 1997   EBRD Press Release 

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