Cracking Down on Corporate Corruption: the UK
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Recent corporate scandals have re-ignited the debate over how to hold large, economically powerful corporations to account. Investigations have revealed systemic corruption with complicity on the part of governments, financiers and regulators alike. More than ever before, there is a need for trade unions and civil society to work together to hold corporations, and their governments, to account.


This web site collates empirical and policy research on incidences of bribery and corruption in the UK focusing on the public private interface and public sector reform. The aim is to use this information base to influence policy-making aimed at increasing the standard of corporate behaviour and the accountability of government. 

The overall aim is to support the UK’s anti-corruption agenda, at home and abroad, by:

  • compiling and creating a central resource on bribery and corruption in the UK
  • analysing the impacts of new public management reforms on corruption
  • providing guidance on the OECD Anti-bribery Convention
  • analysing the constraints to prosecuting and sanctioning corrupt companies in the UK
  • working with trade unions and civil society organisations to combat corruption


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