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Thames Water in Turkey : Corruption Case

Thames Water, Britain's biggest water company and part of RWE, in September 2002 was asked to renegotiate a contract to operate an $891m Turkish water plant after irregularities were alleged in the plant's commissioning.

It was also reported that former and present Turkish treasury officials were being investigated for possible misconduct in approving a government guarantee for the project.

The Turkish Court of Accounts, which audits state finances, claimed in April 2002 that the plant cost far more than necessary and double the amount envisaged. It alleged treasury officials responsible for checking the project's financial structure knew before the guarantee was given "that due to the high price there was a possibility the water could not be sold".

The court's report said the Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) model was unsuitable, and that expected industrial consumers failed to materialise as the water was too expensive. It said neighbouring municipalities would not buy water from the plant for the same reason. Izmit municipality, in spite of undertaking to buy 492m cubic metres of water a year, made no provision for paying for the water in its 1999 or 2000 budgets.

The debt-ridden central government in Ankara has had to pay millions of dollars a year to the consortium behind the project.

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