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Oil Companies in Angola : Policy Briefing

In 1999 Global Witness, a UK-based NGO that campaigns to expose the role of natural resources in funding conflict, produced a report accusing OECD oil companies of complicity in state looting.

The report - A Crude Awakening - The Role of the Oil and Banking Industries in Angola's Civil War and the Plunder of State Assets - argues that the oil companies, which provide the vast majority of government revenue are aiding state corruption by practising poor accounting practices and failing to release public information on the size of payments made to the state.


The report also calls into question the role of the auditors who certify company accounts as true and fair.


A number of the oil companies are supported by OECD export credit agencies (ECAs): Ex-Im Bank (USA), Coface (France) and SCAE (Italy). In addition the USA's Overseas Private Investment Corporation is heavily involved despite, according to the report, apparently contravening its own guidelines, which state that OPIC does not "support projects that involve illicit payments". The report argues that these agencies could lever change through imposing standards of transparency on the oil companies.

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