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Singapore debars OECD MNCs : Corruption Case

In February 1996, Japan's Tomen Corp. and Marubeni Corp., Germany's Siemens AG, Britain's BICC Cables plc and Italy's Pirelli Cables, along with some subsidiaries, were debarred from Singapore government contracts.

"Appeal in cases involving corruption is normally not allowed," the ministry said. The ban stretches from January 27, 1996 to January 26, 2001.

A consultant working for the firms allegedly gave bribes to the Public Utilities Board Deputy Chief Executive in exchange for confidential information on public tenders.

The case is of interest in the context of a raft of current initiatives aimed at stamping out corruption in public procurement contracts: the World Bank's debarring policy; the anti-corruption clause (Article 45) in the Ecs' new public procurement directives; and the debate over the potential for export credit agencies to introduce debarring as a deterrent to companies to engage in bribery and corruption.

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