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USA's Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (1977) : Policy Briefing

The USA�s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) was adopted following an SEC investigation in which over 400 USA companies admitted making �questionable or illegal payments in excess of �300 million to foreign government officials, politicians and political parties in an attempt to restore public confidence in the integrity of USA business .

Adopted in 1977, the FCPA made it a criminal offence for USA companies, as well as any other public company which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange to pay bribes to foreign government officials.

The FCPA consists of two main parts:

- anti-bribery provisions: which prohibit American companies, citizens and residents from making illicit payments to foreign officials to procure a commercial benefit;
- accounting provisions: which requires public companies to make and keep books and records that accurately reflect the transactions of the corporation and put in place strict accounting controls aimed at uncovering and deterring corruption. These were designed to operate in tandem with the anti-bribery provisions.

Violation of either the FCPA�s anti-bribery or accounting provisions carries potential criminal and civil penalties.

The FCPA provided the motivation, and the model, for the OECD Anti-bribery Convention. The fact that only USA, and New York stock-listed companies were subject to anti-bribery legislation raised concerns that companies falling outside the scope of the FCPA could secure commercial advantage, through the payment of bribes, in a way that those subject to the FCPA could not.

Following its signing of the OECD Convention, the USA amended the FCPA in 1998 in order to bring it into line with the provisions of the OECD Convention. In particular it:

- included payments for �any improper advantage� rather than the more narrow 'obtain or retain business'
- expanded the jurisdictional reach to cover any person � not just issuers or domestic concerns;
- expanded the definition of public official to include officials of public international organisations (World Bank, UN);
- expanded the extra-territorial reach of the FCPA to cover acts that take place wholly outside the USA;
- eliminated the disparity in penalties for US or foreign employees of US companies. Prior to the OECD Convention, foreign nationals working for US companies were subject to civil penalties whereas post 1998 under the FCPA they like US nationals are subject to both civil and criminal penalties.

The FCPA has 2 broad implications for USA companies as well as any other public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange:

First, its anti-bribery provisions prohibit the making of illicit payments to foreign officials to procure a commercial benefit.

Secondly its accounting provisions requires public companies to make and keep books and records that accurately reflect the transactions of the corporation and put in place strict accounting controls aimed at uncovering and deterring corruption.

By January 2002, a total of 29 separate cases had been prosecuted by the Department of Justice for contravening the FCPA�s anti-bribery provisions and 12 injunctive actions brought by the SEC for violation of the FCPA�s accounting provisions. Altogether, 34 companies have been prosecuted for activities covering 34 countries - 26 non-OECD countries, 5 OECD countries and 3 non-OECD countries but signatories to the Convention. The value of bribes paid to foreign officials range from $16,000 to $9.9 million and the value of fines paid by companies from $10,000 to $21.8 million the latter is a record fine paid by Lockheed Martin for paying bribes to pay for defence contracts in Egypt during the 1980s.

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