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Migrants to UK Pay Bribes to Work

Research carried out by the UK national trade union centre the TUC in March 2004 found that migrant workers are paying bribes of at least £1,000 to get their names on employment schemes.

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said: "Certain parts of our economy are now heavily dependent on migrant labour, and anyone coming here to work should be treated fairly and paid decent wages.

"But sadly for many, working in the UK often means harsh treatment, poor wages, excessive hours and appalling living conditions.

"Hundreds of unscrupulous agencies, gangmasters and employers are getting very rich, very quickly, off the backs of migrant workers.

"Media and political anger should be directed at these exploiters, not the migrant workers coming here to make a bit of cash to build themselves a better life back home.

"If we want to end this immoral profiteering, we must find ways of cracking down on employers using undocumented workers, so this is no longer a viable business option."

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