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European Court Favours Environmentally Responsible Public Procurement

On the 17th September 2002, the European Court of Justice confirmed that 'people matter' when local, regional and national contracting authorities spend taxpayers' money.

The Court found that the City of Helsinki was correct to award a call for tender for buses to a company whose buses emitted less air pollutants and noise, and not simply to the tender which provided the lowest cost offer.

This decision supports the call of the Coalition for Green and Social Procurement, which includes trade unions, fair trade organisation and environmentalists, that, when authorities spend taxpayers' money, the economic benefit must reflect the wider public interest and not just that of the contracting authority.

"This decision is a welcome and timely reminder to the European Commission and certain European Governments that contracting authorities are the trustees and not the owners of public money. If economic advantage is seen solely on behalf of the contracting authority, this ignores the wider health and social costs of pollution - costs that often come back to the local authorities," said Jan Willem Goudriaan, Deputy General Secretary of EPSU and member of the Coalition. "Any authority has an obligation to protect the public interest, and the court decision makes it clear that benefit should be for society as a whole. The implications of this landmark decision go beyond environmental considerations, and confirm the need for social, employment and ethical considerations to be more firmly reflected in the current revision of the directives on Public Procurement. "

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