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Marta Andreasen: Whistleblower Sacked by the EC  

In September 2002, Neil Kinnock, the European Commission's Vice President, faced allegations of gagging a whistleblower who exposed EU lax accounting practices.

Marta Andreasen, 57, staged a news conference earlier in the year in London in which she accused Mr Kinnock of failing to clean up the Brussels bureaucracy. Mr Kinnock insisted her complaints about flaws in the EU accounting system were known about before she joined the Commission and that she had been hired specifically to help implement changes.

Mr Kinnock claims that Ms Andreasen breached Commission rules by not using prescribed disclosure routes but instead talking without clearance to MEPs, the media and the EU's financial watchdog, the Court of Auditors.

Ms Andreasen was also accused of concealing from the Commission at the time of her appointment the fact that she had been suspended from a similar accounting job at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. (OECD)

The Spaniard was suspended five months after raising concerns about financial incompetence. She claimed that she had been followed in the streets of Brussels and that her e-mail and telephone calls were monitored - a claim rejected by Commission officials.
She was later sacked from her post as a senior EC accountant after declaring that corruption and misuse of public funds were rife within the Commission.

In October 2004 it was reported that the Serious Fraud Office in the UK was considering whether to investigate alleged misconduct within the European Commission after receiving a dossier of evidence from Marta Andreasen who argues that the SFO has a legal duty to step in because UK taxpayers contribute around £12 billion a year to the EU budget.

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