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Subsidiaries for: Hyder

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Company Name Country Sector
Acerplan Planungsgesellschaft   Germany  Construction 
Airtrain CityLink   UK   
Alan Stratford   UK  Construction 
Celtic Infrastructure   UK  Construction 
CWC   China  Water 
Freeman Fox   HongKong  Construction 
Hyder Australia   Australia  Construction 
Hyder Consulting   UK  Construction 
Hyder Consulting (Hong Kong)   HongKong  Construction 
Hyder Consulting (Thailand)   Thailand  Construction 
Hyder Consulting Pte   Singapore  Construction 
Hyder Consulting Sdn Bhd   Malaysia  Construction 
Hyder Holdings   USA  Construction 
Hyder Industrial   UK  Water 
Hyder Infrastructure   UK  Construction 
Hyder Investments   UK   
Hyder Overseas Investments   UK  Construction 
Hyder Services   UK   
Laing Hyder (SE London)   UK  Construction 
Oxford Consortium   UK   
Phoenix Electrical   UK  Electricity 
Phoenix Electrical   UK  Energy 
South Wales Electricity   UK   
TecnEcon   UK  Construction 
Tieyhtio Nelostie Oy   Finland  Construction 
Transis   UK   
UK Highways   UK  Construction 
Wallace Evans   UK   
Welsh Water   UK  Water 
Welsh Water International   UK  Water 


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