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Kajima: PFIs in the UK Despite Corruption Record : Corruption Case

On 30 September 2003 Kajima was raided by officials from Japan's Fair Trade Commission (FTC) probing bid-rigging in the northern city of Niigata. The FTC raided about 40 firms and Niigata city hall because it suspected the firms colluded to rig the outcome of civil engineering tenders.

The move followed a similar FTC investigation in Miy-agi Prefecture, when Kajima was accused of secretly rigging tenders for civil engineering contracts last year - by agreeing which firm would win which contract and how much it would bid. In June the FTC reprimanded 29 firms involved, including Kajima, but said it did not have enough evidence to punish them.

The latest investigations follow the jailing of former construction minister Kishiro Nakamura for corruption. In February, he lost an appeal against a conviction for taking a bribe from Kajima to put pressure on the FTC not to investigate bid-rigging in 1992.

Officials from Liverpool and Everton are understood to have started talks with Kajima Urban Development over building a shared ground on disused land a mile north of Liverpool city centre.

Kajima has won five PFI school deals despite a "Stop Kajima" campaign highlighting its presence in Burma. Kajima has an office in Burma and has undertaken several construction contracts for the regime.

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