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Bribery Cases

Title Status
ABB Vetco Gray Inc. of Houston and ABB Vetco Gray U.K. Ltd. Of Aberdeen Disclose Suspicious Payments Made in Nigeria  Allegation
Alcatel Accused of Paying Bribes in Costa Rica, Taiwan and Africa  Allegation
Baker Hughes Settles with Whistleblower  Allegation
BBVA under investigation for money laundering  Allegation
Biwater and the Pergau Dam  Allegation
Bouygues, Suez-Lyonnaise and Vivendi in Corrupt Cartel in France  Allegation
Brown and Root expelled from Contract in Taiwan  Allegation
Construction Companies Bid-rigging in Japan  Allegation
Dassault Aviation and Boeing in Bribe Allegations in Seoul  Allegation
Debrecen water  Allegation
Denel Accused of Using Agent to Pay Bribes in Indian Arm Deal  Allegation
Dumez Nigeria paid bribes to Abacha  Allegation
EFT Ltd under investigation by SFO in connection to corruption allegations in Bosnia  Allegation
Enron and Shell in Bolivia  Allegation
Enron Subsidiary Azurix In Corruption Scandal in Ghana  Allegation
Ferrostaal Investigated following Allegations of Bribery to Abacha  Allegation
France Prosecutes Over 40 Companies Named in Oil for Food Report  Allegation
Fraport Accused of Bribing in the Philippines  Allegation
Fraport in Uzbekistan  Allegation
General des Eaux in Angouleme, France  Allegation
Générale des Eaux Executives Convicted of Bribery in Reunion  Allegation
Halliburton and bribery in Kuwait  Allegation
HCA Health Fraud: 'largest government fraud settlement' in US history  Allegation
IBM Executives Convicted of Bribery in South Korea  Allegation
Impregilo Wins Messina Bridge Contract Despite Bribery Prosecution in Lesotho  Allegation
Jacobsen Contract Subject of Investigation in Uganda  Allegation
Jakarta water  Allegation
Kajima: PFIs in the UK Despite Corruption Record  Allegation
Lesotho Dam: Bribery, Prosecutions and Black-listing  Allegation
Lyonnaise des Eaux Executive Convicted of Bribery in Grenoble  Allegation
Mabey & Johnson in Papua New Guinea  Allegation
Mabey & Johnson Subject of Bribery Allegations in the Philippines  Allegation
Mindanao Association for Mineral Industries  Allegation
Monsanto Fined for Paying Bribes in Indonesia  Allegation
National Grid Transco Faces Allegations of Bribery  Allegation
Property Services Group and Aqua Alliance in New Orleans  Allegation
Siemens Accused of Paying Bribes in Spain  Allegation
Siemens Debarred in Italy  Allegation
Siemens' defence contracts in Germany  Allegation
Siemens' exclusion in Slovakia  Allegation
Singapore debars OECD MNCs  Allegation
Thales and DCN Subject of Bribery Allegations: Scorpene Submarine Deal  Allegation
Thales Debarred by World Bank for Corruption  Allegation
Thales Investigated for Bribery In France  Investigation
Thales Spectrum Investigated for Bribery in Argentina  Investigation
Thames Water in Turkey: Contract Irregularities  Allegation
Tractebel in Kazakhstan  Allegation
TSKJ Investigated for Paying Bribes in Nigeria  Allegation
UPS Discloses Possible Violation of the FCPA  Allegation
Vivendi Convicted for Bribery in Milan  Allegation
Weir Faces Possible Debarment  Allegation
WSP International Alleged to have Paid Bribes in Indonesia  Allegation

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